Matthew Company


       Matthew effect: The strong is constantly strong, and their wealth is increased rapidly.
       The Gospel of Matthew: Spur people on keeping in mind the beliefs of Matthew, do good for others, and be conscientious enterprise.
       Matthew group was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Shanghai. Is a collection of asset management as the core, financial, asset management, culture media, franchising, new energy industry, global industry, agriculture, international trade, real estate property, high and new science and technology, health management, tourism and other twelve big plate integrated asset management group, has several branches in much of the country and abroad.
       Matthew group relies on the construction of the platform and opportunity of Shanghai international financial and shipping center and Shanghai Free Trade Zone, also the national development strategy "area all the way", positive responses to national policy, vigorously development of the private enterprise internationalization, the plan of "go out", constructing the combination of industrial capital and financial capital. The scope of current business is throughout the country and the area along the country.  Domestic successful projects are as follows.
      ABS hydropower station project in Gansu;
      Equity investment of administration letter project in Inner Mongolia; Citic future fund;
      Security housing project in Shanghai;
      6 + 1 helpage renovation project of the people's livelihood;
      DS stock shares;
       Supply chain of new energy automobile;
       Projects in Kyrgyzstan: 1. Aksu sugar processing base - Asia's largest sugar processing base; 2. equity investment in wind power station project......
       Matthew group tightly grasp the new energy vehicles industry development opportunities in 2016, as wenzhou Ryan's largest merchants to return to project, Matthew signing on new energy vehicle production project, zhejiang province, is located in ruian economic development zone, our phase ii, always use the project total investment 6.5 billion yuan, 1200 mu of project construction period of 3 years, after can produce 100000 new energy cars in addition, Matthew group has set up a parallel to the free trade zone in Shanghai bonded warehouse sales for the integration of the auto car imports, free trade area is the largest single bonded warehouse imports the exhibition hall.
       Over the past 9 years, Matthew people has experienced the glory and bumpy with dreams and expectations, and moved step by step toward the shore of success with the pace of the pragmatic perseverance; For nine years, Matthew has jointly witnessed the vigorous development of Chinese economy and gain and loss of the reform of economics and finance, experienced the baptism of the financial crisis and the changes of information market, witnessed the rise and fall and development of Chinese capital market.
       China's Matthew, Matthew of the world, we base on China development of the world with innovative thinking and practical action to strictly control the quality of product, create quality first service first experience first concept of the trinity.
       Morality and gratitude are the beliefs and principles of Matthew, and urge the Matthew to keep in mind that the belief in wealth is increasing rapidly, and that people are good and conscientious..